Bluetooth icon on mac missing

A Bluetooth enabled printer allows you to print from your computer, smartphone, and any other devices. As long as your devices are Bluetooth compatible and close enough together, they can communicate back and forth. People are often familiar with Bluetooth even without realizing it.

If your Mac works with a wireless keyboard, magic mouse, or Magic Trackpad, your devices already interact wirelessly with your computer. An Apple Mac allows you to connect as many as seven devices although the company recommends not using more than three or four at one time. Some types of devices commonly used include headsets, phones, printers, and speakers. Bluetooth headsets are needed to make the most of your music if you like to listen to videos or tracks online.

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You should also make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your computer. As convenient as Bluetooth is for anyone who prefers not to get tangled up in wires on their computer, there are some common problems. The most common problem is with issues of connectivity. A number of factors can cause Bluetooth not to connect to devices.

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Sometimes there are other issues, some of which are easy to fix and others that require professional repairs. Sometimes connectivity issues come from being too far apart in proximity to the device. The company claims that the system works up to feet away from the computer but other factors can interfere and make the distance shorter. For instance, walls and other surfaces along with electrical interference can impact how well the signal gets to the device.

Sometimes the computer fails to find or recognize the device you are trying to use. To troubleshoot this issue, restart the device or try turning the Bluetooth function on and back on. Older Mac models are more likely to have these problems as Apple has addressed some of the connectivity issues that caused problems early on. The age of your computer and your coverage under Apple Care will determine what it costs to get the problem resolved.

The cost of coverage depends on the device you purchase. The length of coverage also varies from one device to the next. The coverage includes protection against manufacturer defects but not accidental damage. Apple Care sounds generous by offering an unlimited number of claims.

OS X’s Hidden Bluetooth Debug Menu: Reset Devices and More – The Mac Observer

It even carries over to the next owner if you transfer ownership to someone else. Still, there are a number of reasons that customers who pay for Apple Care are disappointed with the results. For one, it can be difficult to determine that what is wrong with your computer is a manufacturing defect and not the result of something you did.

When customers first began to complain about iPhones that bent and stopped working, Apple failed to acknowledge that it was due to a manufacturing fault. The biggest problem is that these types of issues have a tendency to occur later rather than sooner. For anyone who decides not to pay the high cost of Apple Care, the fees can be high. Depending on the cost of your computer, it may seem like too high a price to pay for repair.

Here is what you can do when Bluetooth is not working

Replacement might be a better option; but what if you run into the same issues again? After all, the people at the Apple Store know everything about the products they make and sell. They have to know everything there is to know about repairing them; right? The fact is that choosing a qualified, experienced third-party repair shop can save you time, worry, and money. In fact, the only time you should consider using the Apple Store is if your computer is still under warranty. You also want to talk to the store first to make sure the issue it is having is covered under your warranty.

Many people expect top-of-the-line repairs and service from the company who makes Apple products.

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After That tried 1. Any help? I did not find the com. I reset the SMC controller as suggested and this got my bluetooth up and running again. Thanks for the advice! Please help! The plist file method has worked in the past but this time around the plist file is unavailable ;. Time to go to a computer repair shop and have it looked at. Alternatively, you can pick up a bluetooth dongle that works on a Mac.

How to see Bluetooth Icon in Menu Bar Mac OS

This is what I did when my bluetooth stopped working and it works like a charm. This happens again and again.

Why iOS 12 Doesn't Show the Bluetooth Icon Anymore (And Does It Matter)

Is there a way to fix it for good? Simplest fix by far is avoiding apple products. This issue is never ever fixed, it routinely becomes a problem again, and Apple wont fix it because they dont give a hoot. Just deleting the com. I tried other combinations of the operation recommended here and even resetting the SMC but that did nothing. For me it only worked when I left the computer shut down for a couple of minutes. I disconnected everything mice,keyboards and external monitors 2.

Thank you! After hours of trouble shooting, this tip worked for me! I think it was the disconnecting everything part. If I power them off and await until Mac is fully booted I can then power them on and they will work again. The following did it for me after unsuccessfully trying the above… Disconnect all your peripherals, shut down your mac, give it a few minutes, power on again and voila! Worked but deleted file name was slightly different that as directed by these instructions which confused me at first. And actually there were 3 files with similar names to choose from. The name of file I deleted was com.

The tip off was that file date created was around the same time that my bluetooth became unavailable.

Fyi, the other similar file names which I did NOT delete were: com. I did not have file either. My Mac Book I resolved by shutting down. Taking out Battery and resolved issue. All I had to do was reset the SMC see link above. Very simple! For a desktop, all you have to do is shutdown, unplug power for 15 seconds, then start up again.

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The solutions above did not work for me. I have a MacBook Pro I was about to give up and bring it to the Apple store when I stumbled upon the solution. I unplugged the external monitor I had connected and shut down the Mac. I needed to look something up so I turned the Mac back on without the monitor attached and the bluetooth was working. I plugged the monitor back in and the bluetooth continued to work. The bluetooth randomly stopped working again many months later. Unplugging the monitor and restarting the Mac did the trick! This approach typically worked for me until Dec 23, Now it works.

Thank you all! This is the coolest thing to me in !