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However, my Dazzle DVC card is not working.

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It is recognized by the computer as a DVC, but I can not select it as a device in tvtime. I would like to get this device to work with tvtime. Thanks in advance! It would also help to know what you are trying to do, specifically. And, there are video editors that also use capture the V4L video feeds, like "Lives", "Kdenlive", etc If you are not using KDE, or just want to be able to run some very high quality KDE applications, then install these few programs below in the quote box in blue, which are perfectly safe for any edition of Linux mint.

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V4L is installed. I want to use a tv viewer program and record screen, to synch up audio commentary without needing a second, sound recording program open.

Windows 7 Driver for Dazzle Dvc

I am open to any solution however. This is the output of inxi -Fxz.

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Org: 1. You have a built-in webcam as well, which is probably "video0", so this device is probably "video1".

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Dazzle DVC" Bring up the "Video4Linux control panel", or "qt v4l2 test utility" and see if it recognizes this device. As far I can tell this device does not have its own TV tuner, does it?

tiapharcardregquea.tk But any video and audio source connected, should be available for "Preview", then "start preview", and you should see something. In order to build up a comprehensive list of compatible devices, EchoFX is offering the VideoGlide software free to any customer that can identify a supported product about which we were unaware. VideoGlide is a brand new product.

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Additionally, with sufficient USB bandwidth, the VideoGlide software will allow multiple video capture devices to run simultaneously on one computer. Multiple devices can also be used with video broadcast packages such as Vara Software's Wirecast, and webcam packages such as Econ Technologies' ImageCaster, allowing multiple video sources to be uploaded to the Internet from a single computer. The included VideoGlide Capture software features hardware accelerated full-screen playback, duration-based recording and AppleScript support.

External audio sources are supported via the built-in microphone port of the Macintosh, or via a separate USB microphone.

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The VideoGlide software is available at www.