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This article is about console commands. For the block that executes commands, see Command Block. For the minecart that executes commands, see Command block minecart.

For the similar system found in the Legacy Console Edition, see host privileges. Main article: NBT format. A string representing raw text to display directly in chat. Each element repeats this raw JSON text structure. The base chat component object. Note that selectors such as " a" and " p" are not translated into player names; use selector instead.

This identifier is the same as the identifiers found in lang files from assets or resource packs. Displays nothing if the player is not tracked in the given objective. Ignored when any of the previous fields exist in the root object. Selectors such as p can be used, in addition to "fake" player names created by the scoreboard system. If present, this value is used regardless of what the score would have been.

Shift-clicking a player's name will insert that name into chat. Shift-clicking a non-player entity's name will insert its UUID into chat. An example is key.

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Useless otherwise. Argument structure repeats this raw JSON text structure. The coordinates can be absolute or relative. A list element whose structure repeats this raw JSON text structure. Note that all properties of this object are inherited by children except for text , extra , translate , with , and score. This means that children will retain the same formatting and events as this object unless they explicitly override them. Technically, "bold", "italic", "underlined", "strikethrough", and "obfuscated" are also accepted, but it may be better practice to use the tags below for such formats.

Defaults to false. It will not overwrite any existing text the player was writing. Unlike insertion , this will replace the existing contents of the chat input. Note that clickEvent and hoverEvent do not function within the tooltip, but the formatting and extra tags still work. Main article: Java Edition list of argument types.

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This section needs updating. Description: Does not account for differences between Java 1. A signed bit integer, ranging from -9,,,,,, to 9,,,,,, inclusive. Float : A bit, single-precision floating-point number, ranging from Example: 3. A sequence of characters, enclosed in quotes.

For strings without commas, brackets, braces or spaces, quote enclosure is optional. An ordered list of tags, enclosed in square brackets and delimited by commas. The tags must be of the same type, determined by the first tag in the list.

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Example: [3. An ordered list of attribute-value pairs, enclosed in curly braces and delimited by commas. Byte Array. B; followed by an ordered list of 8-bit integers, delimited by commas. Tag is enclosed in square brackets. Example: [B;1b,2b,3b]. Int Array. I; followed by an ordered list of bit integers, delimited by commas. Example: [I;1,2,3]. Long Array. L; followed by an ordered list of bit integers, delimited by commas. Example: [L;1l,2l,3l].

A value, expressed as "true" or "false". Sets the default game mode. Add or remove status effects.

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Adds or removes player experience. Sets a player's game mode. BDS only. Displays the world seed. Sets the world spawn. Manages the world border. Achievements were removed in Java Edition 1.

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Teleports player to the world spawn. World spawn became based on spawn chunks instead of a singular location. Sets the current location as the default spawn location for new players.

How to install single player commands minecraft 1.7.3 mac

Feature removed during Java Edition Indev , placing blocks became inventory based. Removed in Java Edition 1. The argument is expected to be a string. Quotes must be applied if any non-alphanumeric characters show up in the string. This page is currently in the process of being split into.

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Added insertion attribute to raw JSON text specification. Added dx , dy , and dz to target selector arguments. Added selector attribute to raw JSON text specification. The m selector now accepts the standard literal gamemode values and abbreviations, such as a and adventure , and these may be negated as well.