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Many laptops include a full-size SD card reader. The slowest piece of a kit will be the SD Card, and not the Pi. While this will cost more than your Pi, it will save you a boatload of time when writing to it.

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The Class 10 card will be just as fast in your Pi, but maybe a little slower on your laptop. It is definitely cheaper. From an ssh session to your raspi, update all packages does not upgrade the OS to a next release and reboot. I did.

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I assumed it was just to quit displaying the notice. This next bit is optional.

If you ever need to re-install, you can save yourself from having to do all of this again by making an image of your drive as it is now. Then, when you need it, you can re-load that image instead of having to load the generic image and apply all of these updates. You can figure out how to do similar operations if you use Windows or Linux.

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Windows users see this Lifehacker guide. On the Pi, make as much of that image contain zeros as possible to maximize compressiong in a following step. Note that zeroing your SD card will be slow if you have a large card. Move the SD card to your Mac, and use the following, to figure out what disk number has been assigned.

Create an image using dd. Note that if you have installed pigz, it will compress faster than gzip by using multiple cores.

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This takes about 1. It can be used for many tasks, but in this case we use it to create sample files.

User Tools Log In. Site Tools Search. Sidebar Using Avidemux Compiling Avidemux, writing plugins.

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Using Avidemux. Avidemux Youtube Videos.

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Table of Contents Cut TS sample. Download and install Virtualdub you can use. From the Extract file segment window, keep the Address hex as 0 and to the Length hex field you enter how many bytes you want to have in sample file. After you have selected the value, press OK.