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To configure Windows to access the Internet through Wi-Fi: Do one of the following: Click the Parallels icon in the menu bar and choose Configure. Click Hardware and then click Network.

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In the Network pane, make sure that the Connected option is selected. Choose AirPort from the list.

How to Manually Install missing Mac Drivers for Windows7/8 on Bootcamp

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How to bypass first octet restriction for wireless adapter mac addresses in windows 8. These methods do not get around the restriction , and you are still only able to change the address to values that match the following patterns: This value will still be displayed in the "network address" field in the driver advanced settings, but the OS will force the mac address back to the default value for that card Also here is a couple of screenshots just to illustrate the problem: So before you answer, please make sure you understand what I am asking: So just a quick update, someone has a video on youtube with a very hacky workaround for this restriction by passing control of a USB wireless adapter to a VM running a different OS that doesn't have this restriction, and then bridging the virtual network adapter provided by vmware that connects to the VM to the host os ethernet adapter.

I thought of something similar myself a while ago, but I was hoping I could find something a little less hacky such as a program or procedure for disabling the octet restriction in windows. When I edit it through the registry and then reboot, it does allow it to stick.

Windows 8 and 10- Finding the IP Number and MAC Address of a Network Card

I used your MAC address example above: This is on windows 8. Does wmic or ipconfig show that hardware address under the adapter?

Tested and verified on both Win 8. I had written up a complete answer but then went back and read your post one more time and caught the part about how you'd already tried the registry edit method.


But maybe we're doing it differently. To use this method, you will need: Kali Linux VMWare images can be obtained from https: You will no longer be able to use the adapter directly on your host machine.

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  • Control of the device will be passed to the Kali Linux VM. Wait for Kali Linux to detect the device and enable it.

    Got a Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problem? Here's How to Fix It

    If for whatever reason it doesn't come up on its own, you might need a special driver for it. Google is your friend for finding drivers, anyway Now, in the guest VM: If it's not already connected you can click on it to connect it.

    Take note of the IP address its using in my case, its So if your guest VM's ethernet adapter is using x. In my case, I used In my case it was You can use the guest to spoof macs and do whatever you want with the card without microsoft's BS arbitrary restrictions I am going to try and find a more elegant way to do this as I am not a terribly big fan of Linux.

    Windows 8 Bootcamp, no Wi-Fi

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