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The technique you use depends on whether you saved the home folder as a disk image or a regular folder. Press and hold the Option key while dragging the small icon in the title bar of the new window to the Users folder. Enter an administrator name and password to proceed. Click the lock icon to unlock it. Enter an administrator name and password. Click the Add button below the list of users. You will need a copy of Windows itself in order to use these applications.

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Search the web for the web sites of these programs. A free application, VirtualBox, can accomplish similar feats, but is infinitely more difficult to set up. These methods are described on separate pages for a recommended and well-integrated system and a less-advanced alternative system , mostly for older Macs.

Different methods for converting WP files may be found on the rest of this page. Each will produce slightly different results. These methods are as follows:.

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You need not have a copy of WordPerfect on your system. Download WPtoClipboard. You may either drop a document on the application or open the application and select a file. Password-protected files. Open these files in a copy of WordPerfect; remove the password; and then convert the file. Depending on the original document, you may get better results with Word or with LibreOffice. ZIP archive 1.

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Extract the WPWordConverter and place it anywhere on your disk. You can drop one or more WP files on the application to convert them into DOCX format; the original files will remain unchanged; the converted versions will be in the same folder and have the same name as the original, with a.

DOCX extension. Alternatively, you can launch the application and select one file to convert. If you use Word to complete the conversion, Word will need to go online to use a converter on Microsoft's website. This will be slow, and Word will ask permission the first time it does so.

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If the application times out this first time, simply run it again. If you find this application useful, please feel to make a contribution to the site. It can also convert. It is by far the fastest of these conversion programs, but the results may not be as satisfactory as the results given by the WPWordConverter.

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ZIP archive 18 MB. Extract the WPExport application and place it anywhere on your disk. You can drop one or more files on the application to convert them to DOCX format; the original files will remain unchanged; the converted versions will be in the same folder and have the same name as the original, with a. You may also drop one or more WPG graphics files on the applcation, and it will create one or more PNG files in the same directory.

This standalone conversion program is based on the conversion software in the LibreOffice word-processor, which uses the most recent version of the open-source lipwpd WordPerfect import filter.

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  • The converter was devised by the creator of this site; if you find it useful, please feel to make a contribution to the site. By default, it exports files to.

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    DOC format, but can be customized to export to. See a separate section for more details about LibreOffice. ZIP archive MB. If you need an older copy that runs under earlier OS X versions, please send me feedback and be prepared to make a contribution to this site. Warning: The first time you try to convert a file with the WPLO Converter, it will almost certainly fail with an error message.

    Ignore the message, and run the program again. It should work correctly after the first time. The first time you launch the application it may not succeed in starting the required background processes. If this occurs, it will display one or more error messages. The following example would rename all the files in the current directory that end with. In this next example, the command would rename a file with an unknown character in the file name to something that can be read.

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    Use the ren or rename command to rename the directory. Because you cannot have a file and directory that have the same name, you will not need to worry about mistakenly renaming a file instead of a directory, unless you're using wild characters. Rename the directory "computer hope" to "example directory".

    Whenever dealing with a file or directory with a space, it must be surrounded with quotes. To rename files in a batch file , you can use any of the rename commands or examples shown in the MS-DOS and Windows command line section. Apple macOS users can rename their files and directories by using one of the following methods. In the macOS X Finder , select the file by clicking the file once and then press the 'return' key on the keyboard. After pressing return, you can type in the new name of the file.

    Select the file or icon you want to rename. Click and then hover over the file name until it is highlighted. Once highlighted, this indicates the file can be renamed. Using the Terminal , you can also rename any file. See our Linux and Unix users section for steps on renaming a file using the mv command.