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It is named differently so a search was fuzzy. Formerly known as ExtremeZ-IP, which my company has been using for longer than the five years I've been here.

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Works brilliantly, issues are few and far between, and when they do crop up they are usually easily resolved by restarting the services on the server. Use this. Everyone of my Macs users stopped complaining when we switched and Spotlight worked again. From my experience with a similar setup, more recent versions In my workplace, I've forced quite a few Macs to use SMB3 only, and so far it's been working just fine. I will say this however: Get those Macs updated! Problem is, all clients are already on Most of our devices are on We have a few machines on Any with As it seems it really is some new problem since We are on Yosemite But what has worked for us is drag the share into the dock.

It will show up on the right side of the dock near the downloads folder. When the share disconnects it turns into a question mark. But then the user just has to click it and the share connects again. Oh man I never wished for a switch to windows as I'm a Unix fan but this story really gets me into windows :'D haha. Supposedly Apple knows about SMB problems in For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website jackwallen.

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Straight up: How the Kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech. Show Comments. Hide Comments. My Profile Log Out. Automator is largely abandonware although it's still useful for somethings. But if you're serious about scripting I'd skip Automator and go to Keyboard Maestro. Unfortunately after introducing the sidebar and save searches it felt like it was half done and the team was then taken away from the Finder.

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Saved searches in particular are frustrating in their limits. Try editing saved searches saved to an arbitrary location There's so much Apple could do for power users with the Finder but decided they just didn't care. Most of dealing with the sidebar are hacks using various tools you can find on GitHub.

I've not used it, but ChangeSideBarLists should be able to do something like you want. It's python though. This has been a bug for years, and may just be expected behavior. Simple solution: Make Aliases to those shares and store them in a "Links" folder in your Home directory.


Feel free to rename and color tag the aliases to make them more friendly. Then drag the Aliases to the sidebar, not the share icons themselves. Also, put the "Links" folder itself in the Sidebar. They won't disappear from the Sidebar when using this method. It wants to drag the alias into an existing folder.

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But dragging the Links folder into the sidebar works just fine. Thanks for the suggestion! I recommend this technique with mounts to my users at work. This bug is annoying. Another way to get the aliases to your sidebar is to browse to it in Column view, it will then allow you to drag it to the sidebar I have a folder of alias's in my dock. Alias's pointing to a folder located on a SMB share never work.

Unless you open it once directly from the share itself. Very annoying. Few notes: 1. Are you sure it's not an availability or authentication issue?

mac osx - Does not work smbclient in Mac OS x Socket is not connected - Server Fault

I've seen name resolution failing regularly on Sierra for no reason, and guess access to browse shares was disabled by default in Server as I recall this is regarding empty network map. Adobe CC became the most buggiest piece of shit quality product bundle I've worked with in a decade or so - never seen such an untested, junk garbage being pushed out the door every months; it's downright criminal, I hope they end up being sued in a class action, it's so bad I have people relying on it every day, I can tell you the long list of randomly breaking things and finding the workarounds until they fix it in the next release, only to break something else or regress on an older issue I've no comments on the SMB issues since I only use them lightly and they always seem to work for me.

Hope folks can track down what's causing the issue and report it to Apple. For the above though I'd agree. I've tried the main fixes suggested on the net with no luck. I don't know why it crashes on one machine and not the others. Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

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